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Old School Sweep

Posted by forlogos on July 21, 2008

I’ve been having trouble with the Eddie Bravo Old School sweep since returning back to the mat.  This used to be my bread and butter half-guard technique, but with so many months in between – I’ve forgotten more than a few key details.  Moreso, I’ve just kept experimenting and trying variations on the technique without consulting my Eddie Bravo book.  But that’s mostly because I left the book somewhere I can’t remember…

Anyway, thanks to the power of Web 2.0, here’s a nice instructional on my long lost sweep:

Some key points I’ve been missing:

  • lockdown is with the outside leg bending inside to triangle my legs (that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but it does)
  • grab the foot with just one arm
  • grab the toes, not the ankle
  • the other arm keeps the deep underhook
  • I have to go on my knees

Ok, let’s hope I can remember this on the mat…


2 Responses to “Old School Sweep”

  1. jiujitsu365 said

    The lockdown sweep used to be my go to move a few years ago too. But I think everyone has caught up to the half-guard game and can protect themselves against it. I also used to be able to pull off the move without all of the technical adjustments.

    Since I wrestle with advanced guys all the time, I can pretty much forget trying to pull it off. But I bet newbs are vulnerable.

  2. forlogos said

    Y’know you’re right. Thinking back, I would only pull it off on those my level or lower. I’d be able to sweep a higher belt maybe once, then it wouldn’t work. At the same time, people that try it on me don’t get it.

    The one thing with this sweep, as with most other techniques though is that it shouldn’t be used in isolation. In the same way an arm-bar can lead to a triangle to an omoplata, the Old School can lead to Plan B or whatever number of sweeps…

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