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BJJ Class 102 – Tap city

Posted by forlogos on July 26, 2008

A great class!

Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever said that I had a bad class. Guess they just don’t exist. I mean sure, there are classes were my technique felt horrible, my rolling was bad, or whatnot, but I really don’t think I’ve said that a class was bad. They’re always good. Yeah!!

Unlike the previous classes of late, I didn’t get to join the earlier class. I got to stretch and warm-up a bit better, which was good. Class started with a wrestling warm-up. I don’t know what it’s called or what it’s for really – it’s the one where you and your partner rapidly exchange underhooking each others arms. Anyway, that was followed by drilling switching Russian grips with (? – where you’re to the side and two of your arms control one arm of your partner) your partner, then a take-down to clock-choke technique. The transitions were cool and I will try (again) to illustrate these too.

I had 2 rounds of rolling before class was ended. I first rolled against a heavy, slow moving but very technical purple belt. He didn’t tap me or anything but I think he was working on his positions. Got to try several sweep and escape attempts, none of which was successful. I liked rolling with him. Every move was thought out and performed precisely. I’d like to roll with him again.

I next rolled with another purple belt. Before my injury, I would roll with this guy a lot. It was always tap city for me, but since he always plays open guard, he’s helped me a lot with my open-guard passing. It was no different this time and I’m glad to have gotten a few extra pointers on passing.

After class, I sat down with some white belts and we helped each other out a bit with some problems we were having. Did ten sprawls and went home. A good class, yet again.


2 Responses to “BJJ Class 102 – Tap city”

  1. I believe you were performing pummeling exercises, if I read your description correctly…

  2. forlogos said

    I’ll have to look that up…I wonder if it is…

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