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Elite XC’s debut on National TV

Posted by forlogos on July 26, 2008

I can’t believe how bad of a blogger I am…

I went to see the show live, on May 31, at Newark, NJ. I took some pix and and it’s almost ludicrous that I haven’t posted about them yet. At this point I don’t remember how most of the fights went and who the fighter were.

The pics:

The first pics are from before the show was televised – the undercard if you will. For one of the fights, they had a woman do the ring announcing. It was horrible, she was trying to imitate the Bruce Buffer stretched syllable and such. It was bad, bad, bad…. She should’ve done it her own way.

Between rounds they had ring girls and dancers dance around the ring and around various areas of the stadium for minutes at a time. It was weird.

A bunch of girls dancing for when the show was going to be televised. The opening. I remember not liking having all the extra waits they put us through – stupid commercial breaks.

A rapper started rapping. I think he was Run DMC or some other older rapper

Phil Baroni’s entrance. He had the best entrance all night, I think. It looks like he really enjoyed it. Walking in with girls and stuff….

The way he lost the fight, I couldn’t believe. If I remember right, he just gave up. Actually, there were a few fights that night that ended because one fighter just gave up. Anyway, I think Phil’s MMA fighting days are over.

Ahh, the main reason why we came to the show, Gina Carano vs. Kaitlin Young

She is sweet

It was mostly a stand-up fight. That’s kaitlin’s beat-up face on the big-screen.

Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson. I hadn’t really seen Kimbo fight before – he is one strong mofo, but still needs to work on his overall game

And that’s it.

Elite-XC should just get rid of the cage, it’s so 1990’s. After having watched an IFL show, a ring is much better for a live show. You see all the action and the damn thick posts don’t get in the way. For watching on TV, it doesn’t matter if it’s a ring or a cage….

With this show being MMA’s primetime debut and stuff, I wonder what people thought when the whole stadium was chanting “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit” again and again after a fight went to the judges’ decision…


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