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BJJ Class 103 – Flow and no

Posted by forlogos on July 30, 2008

This was prolly the most draining class since I returned to training. The fact that it was very hot in the training hall wasn’t helped by my having spent a lot of late nights working on term papers for B-school. I was tired even before class started, but I decided that I should train anyway. Besides, I already skipped out on one of my gym workout days….

I stretched the whole time of the first class as usual and drilled a half-guard pass with a blue belt a bit. The late class started with light warm-ups and stretching, then we went straight to a basic side control escape (worst scenario) that starts with a big bridge then a hipscape to regain guard. This evolved to hipscaping as your partner passes, thus never even giving him the chance to get side control (the best scenario). This then led to the flow drill that just does that movement again and again on both sides.

After an extended period of that was rolling a few long rolls.

My first roll was with a smaller whitebelt. He moved very well but my weight advantage was able to overpower him. I tried not to muscle techniques, which I think I didn’t but he said I did when I asked him. Anyway, what’s funny is that I was able to do the half-guard pass that I drilled/learned before class. Then before time ran out I managed to do the defense part of the flow drill we did earlier. He would try to pass and I’d hipscape away and and he’d try to pass on the other side, and I’d do the opposite side hipscape. It had me smiling by the time the roll ended. In the middle of the roll I did an americana in slow motion. I think I should go and try for some techniques in slow motion, y’know to make sure that I have my body positioning right and such, giving my partners a chance to escape if I do something wrong. I’d get to learn the subs better, be more technical about it and not rely on speed/strength so much. Of course it won’t work for all techniques, but most of the subs done from the top would qualify for slow-motion, I think.

My next roll was with a whitebelt who I’d say was my height and weight. That’s rare for me because they’re usually bigger or smaller than me. We did a slower, more methodical roll with me playing on the bottom. I really have to work on my bottom defense, once my guard is passed. I’m getting better at doing the T-rex arms, but I’m having difficulty defending if my arms are trapped in under/over hooks or if I just can’t get my elbows in.

My last roll was with yet another white belt. My height, but much thinner and ligher. He had very good technique. I couldn’t do a thing I wanted. The only time where I was controlling was when we started and I was halfway with passing his open guard. I had managed to squeeze his legs together and was working my way up. He got a headlock on me and I was continuing to pass guard to get out of the headlock and into side control. He somehow managed to jump on his feet, which hasn’t happened in that situation before, and started sprawling on me trying to get a guillotine. Things went south from there and I was on defense the whole time. I’d like to roll with him again, I had the best time with that guy.

After that, I was done. Exhausted. When I got outside, my nose got congested due to minor allergies. I was hot, sweaty, tired, thirsty, ow on oxygen and couldn’t breathe. Fortunately I can breathe with my mouth!

Note to self: It’s time to start packing post BJJ shorts and a shirt. Going home after the jits in work slacks and a button-down shirt just won’t do in this weather.


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