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BJJ Class 104

Posted by forlogos on August 12, 2008

I really should stop doing waiting too long before writing – I forget sooooooooo much…

Class was good overall, as I remember.

Warm-ups. techniques.  Side control to mount to Americana.  Side control to mount to Americana defense counter to armbar.  Two big tips for me is keeping hooks while in mount and controlling the head to help catch a wrist.

I’ve never really used hooks in mount as I always felt that it kept me too immobile and that keeping my legs locked in hooks would take away from my base.  Hooking the legs and puting the soles of your feet together seems to be the proper way to keep mount.  I just always thought it would be desirable to achieve a high mount.  While I see certain pros and cons to each, I’m not really sure which I should concentrate more time on….In any case, I should focus more on passing guard and getting mount, rather than focus on what to do with mount.

Anyway, I had a roll with an even (to me) white belt, the match was so close no one really had the upper hand.  He used to be a judo guy and kept putting neck cranks on – from under side control, in side control, inside guard – anywhere and everywhere.  I next went with a noob and basically gave pointers.



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