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BJJ Class 105 – Burns

Posted by forlogos on August 26, 2008

Got some mat burn on the knuckle of my foot from the last class (from too much sprawling).  From this class I got a very mysterious burns near my ankle and one on my finger from too much spider guard grips.  Oh well.

Class was great and lengthy.  I really like attending the late class because it always goes an extra 30 to 45 minutes.  So even though I’m still taking it easy on my shoulder and going just once a week, I’m able to at least maximize the session.

Lately warm-ups has involved a lot of lower body stretches and this class was no different.  Thanks to my previous TKD experience, I feel like my lower body flexibility is better than most of the other guys in class, but it’s been years since I last kicked and my legs have never felt tighter…

Techniques learned today are actually two techniques that P taught me back in BJJ Class 96, spider guard to a “wrap your leg around an arm and underhook the same side foot on the opposite armpit, pull on arms and kick-up sweep” and a “sweep counter armbar”.  That probably made zero sense at all, but who knows, I might get to illustrate these techniques in the future.  And I really should as not only are my Snowboard Instructors getting a thick coating of dust, but I am also forgetting most of the techniques and tips that I ought to be remembering.

The techniques pretty much ate up the entire class time, but there was a lot of rolling in the after class extra time.  I had about 5 rolls, all with non-white belts.  My technique feels much better than it was weeks ago, still inefficient with lots of mistakes, but less sloppy feeling.  I rolled with my instructor too – that’s always fun.

I’m really looking forward to upping my training to twice a week, but am going to stick with my original “take it easy” plan and do that in late September.  Only a few weeks to go!!!


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