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Presenting, myBJJblog.com

Posted by forlogos on August 26, 2008

After several days of not putting out new posts, staying late at work, being up at night playing newly discovered computer games, and WordPress importing, tweaking, and general setting up – – I present to you my new BJJ blog, myBJJblog.com.

I will start putting all my new posts there and will stop putting up new BJJ posts at B Stuff Etc. I’m sorry that I’m unable to transition to a domain as smoothly as Steve did when he moved his blog over to SteveBJJ.com. I was able to import all my BJJ posts, comments, and such to the new domain.

If you have B Stuff Etc bookmarked or have any links, please kindly change it to myBJJblog.com. If you’re currently subscribed through my Feedburner RSS feed, you won’t have to do a thing – that’s one smooth part of a transition I can offer. I have a new Feedburner RSS feed, http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyBjjBlog, for the new blog all set-up as well.

Thanks for reading and see you at myBJJblog.com!!


One Response to “Presenting, myBJJblog.com”

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