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Quick update

Posted by forlogos on August 10, 2008

The summer term is over – and I’m engaged!!

Now summer can begin!!


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tallying up the months

Posted by forlogos on February 15, 2008

Thought about this earlier today…here’s my current tally

9 months since I had a regular full-time job
8 months since my BJJ injury
5 months of physical therapy (1 month pre-op, 4 months post-op)
5 months (almost) since surgery
2 months officially unemployed
1 month snowboarding
half a month collecting unemployment

1 month until I give up job hunting and look for internships again
2 months until this term is done

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Posted by forlogos on February 14, 2008

With me out of action from BJJ, I’ve also been out of action from the blogosphere…sucks.

Anyway, some updates….

– the internship I had at the end of last year ended in December
– I’m unemployed and looking for work
– my cash stash is nearly depleted, but am glad it has lasted me 9 months (and surgery and therapy)
– my doctor gave me the go-ahead for snowboarding in the second week of January
– I’ve gone boarding four times already
– I can go back to BJJ, although I’m not strong enough to do push-ups yet
– I have very limited funds, with it being winter I’d rather put what I have in snowboarding. In the summer, I’d definitely be back on the mat ASAP
– I need a job so I can hit the mat already
– after months and months of therapy, I finally had my last session today
– I’ve regained all my range-of-motion, even motion that is usually lost after shoulder surgery. Now I have to work harder on regaining my strength
– I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for months, but you already knew that
– my snowboard instructors are under a layer of dust – can’t wait to take pix again

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Finally got all my grades

Posted by forlogos on December 28, 2007

It’s been a while since I blogged about school.  Recovering from surgery, going to therapy, having 4 classes, working 4 full days a week, getting stressed about bills and my rapidly declining cash stash – just kept me away from blogging.  I’m not done through all of that yet, but I’m not gonna turn this post into a big long complaint.

So anyway, I finally got all my grades for the term.  I like them. I got A‘s across the board.  My GPA for the term is a perfect 4.0, which brings my cumulative GPA to 3.833.  Not bad, eh?

This was my worse term yet, given my tight schedule (4 classes and 4 days of work), and the fact that all the classes I took required quite a bit of work.  Over the term I wrote about 14 papers, several shorter papers, read a few books for class, and did a few presentations.  So I’m very happy with my A’s.

Thank you, thank you

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Happy Holidays

Posted by forlogos on December 25, 2007

Happy holidays everyone!!

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current internship

Posted by forlogos on October 23, 2007

Haven’t written about my current internship. Haven’t written much about B-school since I finally reported my unfair internship for FLSA violations.

Anyway, the summer term ended and I had two A’s and a B (I think). My internship ended and I went on break, with neither school nor an internship for a few weeks (ahhh). I spent my time looking for new internships or a job, working out, and doing my shoulder physical therapy exercises.

I started looking for a job and internships equally when my “vacay” started. As the start of the fall term got closer and closer, I searched for more internships and less jobs. Toward the end of August, I had a few interviews. I spoke with some people about jobs, but I wasn’t qualified for one reason or another (I had classes at 6pm and would need to leave at 5pm, but their hours were until 6pm – stupid reason of theirs, I know, but their loss). I also had a few great interviews for internships.

In the end, it came down to two companies offering me paid internships. I’d never been in this kind of situation before where I would need to turn an offer down. I turned down the company that I thought would be a better company for me if I wanted to pursue a career in their niche industry but thought would get along better with the people there (company Q) and accepted the offer that would expose to more things and provide me with a bigger learning experience (company W). They paid better too. So far, I’ve been enjoying my internship and am certainly learning a lot.

When I was deciding between the two companies, Q and W (random arbitrary numbers – to protect their privacy), I couldn’t quite explain why I felt like if I were accepting a job (long-term) and not an internship (only as long as the semester) I would choose company Q over W. But thanks to surgery-related Vicodin enlightenment, I know why now: the people!! Don’t get me wrong, the people where I am now, company W, are great. Both are tech-like companies, laid back, and very comfortable – everyone is nice and friendly and cooool. Guess I picked up on these hints unconsciously back then which is why I had the whole job vs. internship thing that I couldn’t explain. So here goes…

The people at W, where I am now are into: football, poker, dislike cold weather.

The people at Q, which I turned down are into: martial arts, snowboarding, skiing.

Doesn’t it all make sense now?

Anyway, in a few weeks I have to start thinking about my plans for the spring term. I’d like to have a different type of marketing internship by then. I’ve been learning more about marketing through internships and would like to continue broadening my experience. So far, I’ve experienced marketing consulting (in the summer) and now online marketing. I’d like to do some consumer-based product marketing or business-to-business marketing next.

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still around

Posted by forlogos on October 23, 2007

I feel like I’ve been away from the blogosphere for such a long time – I feel kinda weird typing this right now.

I’m doing ok and recovering all right.

After surgery, I had a week “off”.  I was totally switched off and lost track of everything – school projects, tests, work, sunshine.  Then I had one week of getting back to normal wearing the arm sling everywhere and now I’ve been free from that sling for a while. As soon as my head started clearing up from all the Vicodin, I had to stuff my head full of knowledge again as I found myself smack in the middle of mid-terms season.

Studied for a test, wrote a few papers, and have a few more papers due soon.  Everything is just so hectic.  In addition my sister and her family are moving out of the country to go back home, so I’ve been spending as much (weekend) time with them as possible. And I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow.

I think I’ve pretty much caught up on everything that I was switched off from after the surgery.  It’s too bad that I had to have one very bad midterm test and a few lousy papers in the interim.

I feel like my last few posts have been surgery this, surgery that.  I want to stop writing about it and get past it already.  Well, after I do the few surgery-related posts I’ve been thinking about.  Then no more.

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more on recovering…

Posted by forlogos on October 5, 2007

I haven’t been doing much. My arm is in a sling and I can’t (read:shouldn’t) move my right arm one bit. It hurts if I so much as inch my shoulder in any direction. And since I can’t move it, I need to have my arm inside my shirt. Needless to say, I’m constantly shirtless at home. If I go for a walk, I always get weird looks when people first think I don’t have an arm then they see my hand poking out near my belly with my arm inside. I try to open up the top of my shirt a bit so gawkers can see the white surgical dressing all over my shoulder…

My plan was to take Monday off work and go to school at night. Didn’t happen. The day after, I called in sick from work due to pain. On Wednesday I went to work, but stayed only an hour and a half. I went home since the pain meds made me woozy. Skipped school too. I called in sick for thursday. Today, friday, I don’t have work. I effectively took a whole week off from everything.

I must’ve been in a lot of pain from the surgery, last friday, through all of tuesday. I had been taking my vicodin religiously and was not getting any adverse reactions. It didn’t bother me at all. Which is why I was so surprised that it made me woozy at work on wednesday. That was the first time the meds affected negatively, and it has been doing so since. Guess the degree of pain I’ve been suffering has gone down, which is why I’m now feeling the effects of the drug.

Am woozy as I type this. With my left hand. On a laptop. The touchpad is driving me crazy as it keeps moving the cursor around as I type. I should disable it.

I also kind of settled into a routine. Wake up, feed turtles, ice, eat, surf, watch turtles, ice, nap. Over and over until midnight when I try to go to bed.

I was given an “ice machine” to help with the pain. You put ice cubes and water in this mini-icebox thing. Then you strap this pad all over shoulder and connect the two together with some flexible tubing. The machine circulates ice cold water through the shoulder pad. It turns the circulation on an off, to regulate the temperature to about 45 degrees F. Pretty neat. My theory is that it keeps it at that temp since its cold enough to numb the pain, but still warm enough that it lets your wounds and incisions heal. I’d been using that twice a day for four hours each. Yesterday, thursday, was the first time that I didn’t use it.

Also, yesterday, I tried to delay my dose of pain meds. I was able to go off the meds (delay my dose) for 30 minutes without feeling too much pain. Previously, it would start hurting really bad an hour (sometimes more) before my next scheduled dose.

I disabled the touchpad. I can type without going crazy now.

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Searching for fall internships

Posted by forlogos on August 16, 2007

With my internship finally over, I’ve started searching for fall internships.

I’m off to a good start as I had an email interview last week and a phone interview today.  Hope I find a good place to intern soon.

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How To Report An Unfair Internship

Posted by forlogos on August 12, 2007

Building up on my last post where I reported my unfair internship, here is How To Report An Unfair Internship to the proper authorities if you ever find yourself in one:

  1. Try to determine if your internship is truly an unfair internship. Compare your internship program to what the law (the federal Fair Labor Standards Act) says. This article is a great guide.
  2. Find your local DOL office. You can find your state’s DOL website here http://www.dol.gov/esa/contacts/state_of.htm but you ultimately need to contact your local office, which might be a city or county office.
  3. Call them and let them know why you think your internship might be illegal.

That should be it. Pretty simple. Should be the same for most states, but there could be some differences.

No need to go through the steps I took (contact FLSA.com, then the National DOL office, then the State DOL office, and then finally the city DOL office).

I’m not an expert on this or anything, I just went through an experience and needed to share. If you go through an unfair internship, please share your experiences in anyway you can. Students and interns out there should now that they don’t need to go through an unfair internship and that the law (the FLSA) can help them.

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