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moved another blog

Posted by forlogos on November 7, 2008

Moved my turtle blog from http://petturtles.wordpress.com/ to Pet Turtles And More. Check it out if you are into turtles and other aquatic pets!


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Presenting, myBJJblog.com

Posted by forlogos on August 26, 2008

After several days of not putting out new posts, staying late at work, being up at night playing newly discovered computer games, and WordPress importing, tweaking, and general setting up – – I present to you my new BJJ blog, myBJJblog.com.

I will start putting all my new posts there and will stop putting up new BJJ posts at B Stuff Etc. I’m sorry that I’m unable to transition to a domain as smoothly as Steve did when he moved his blog over to SteveBJJ.com. I was able to import all my BJJ posts, comments, and such to the new domain.

If you have B Stuff Etc bookmarked or have any links, please kindly change it to myBJJblog.com. If you’re currently subscribed through my Feedburner RSS feed, you won’t have to do a thing – that’s one smooth part of a transition I can offer. I have a new Feedburner RSS feed, http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyBjjBlog, for the new blog all set-up as well.

Thanks for reading and see you at myBJJblog.com!!

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Posted by forlogos on June 18, 2008

I have broken all the rules on “how to be a good blogger”.

My biggest sins:

  • I have not created any content
  • I have not linked to or shared anything
  • I have not responded to any comments on my blog
  • I have not responded to any posts on any blog
  • I have not read any other blogs
  • I haven’t even logged on to my blog account in the longest time

To the readers of this blog (if there are still any):

I am extremely sorry. I just haven’t been very good at this blogging stuff. With BJJ being the main focus here, it’s been pretty difficult keeping this up…my experiences in the past 54 weeks have been frustrating and discouraging. Hope that changes soon.

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Made a new blog

Posted by forlogos on September 16, 2007

Me and AG bought some turtles a few weeks back, so I’m starting a new blog about them. It’s Yet Another Turtle Blawg. Check it out!!

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Updated my Blogroll, again

Posted by forlogos on August 20, 2007

I read more blogs than were in my blogroll, so I updated my list that you see on the right column.  Added about 20 links…

Yes, I read that many blogs.  Not all of them post a lot and I read them while commuting around NYC and when ever I have to wait (in line, for AG, whatever…).  I use Newsgator on my smartphone, which downloads the latest posts to the phone and I can clip (save) the posts that I would like to save or comment on (when I get a ‘net connection).

And don’t even get me started on the podcasts I listen to – there’s also way too much.  I used to listen to podcasts during the 40 hours at work and while commuting and everywhere else.  I basically don’t listen to the radio or major label music, they suck anyway.  I get my news off podcasts and the web.

So, there we go

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Fotki.com is not 100% dependable

Posted by forlogos on August 16, 2007

I’ve blogged about this before. Noticed again today that some of my pics aren’t showing up in my blog.

Well, I shouldn’t really complain since I’m using their free service, but their pic hosting just isn’t 100% dependable.  If it were, my pics would never disappear from my posts!

Anyway, I think I’ll start a Flickr account…

If pix aren’t loading, let me know

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a growing blog?

Posted by forlogos on July 10, 2007

Been a bit too busy lately working on a reaction paper for school…

…Anyhow, I didn’t notice this until just now… http://botd.wordpress.com/2007/07/09/growing-blogs-439/  – – Scroll down, all the way to number 83…Yeah, that’s this blog.

So on July 9, 2007 I made it to WordPress.com’s Blog of the Day list of Growing Blogs. I guess this is a milestone. Thank you, thank you.

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BJJ blogs I enjoy reading

Posted by forlogos on June 13, 2007

I read a lot of BJJ blogs. Actually, I subscribe to them and read them while I’m commuting. I use NewsGator to manage my blog (RSS) subscriptions and to synchronize the feeds with my cellphone, so I actually do most of my blog reading off-line, when I’m underground in NY’s subways.

Anyway, I was going to do a write-up about each of them, but I’m really bad at doing reviews. So I am updating/will be updating/have updated my blogroll & links instead. If the blog is listed there (in the sidebar on the side), I read it and enjoy it. Even if it isn’t a BJJ blog.

And there’s been an explosion of sorts with BJJ blogs. When I started blogging in late 2006, I could barely find any. Now the number of blogs out there has expanded tenfold. So if you have one, let me know, as I always have time in my subway commutes to read another good blog.

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Blogging delay excuses and updates

Posted by forlogos on June 13, 2007

This blog IS called B Stuff Etc – a blog about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, B-School, and (snow)Boarding. But I haven’t blogged much about anything but BJJ lately. I guess BJJ lends itself to more frequent blogging…

B-school. I’m still in it and I’m still studying. Lots of stuff have happened. I am now in my internship, on leave from my Big Pharma peon job. Studying part-time, with three subjects and at this very moment I am goofing off from studying for my Business Law midterms (I just finished midterms for my other two classes). I’ve been wanting to blog about b-school for a while now and haven’t found the time to do it (although I blog frequently about BJJ. priorities…). And I will blog about my unfair internship soon.

Speaking of which, check out these two cool internship blogs, wish they’d post more frequently as I greatly enjoy their content: Angry Intern and Unfair Internships.

Snowboarding. It’s summer. I can’t afford to chase winter. I’m too poor to plan any big trips for the coming winter. If there’s even a winter coming… Last winter wasn’t really a winter.

So that’s it for now for my other non-BJJ updates…

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Fotki.com picture hosting problems

Posted by forlogos on June 12, 2007

I started using Fotki.com not too long ago to host my pictures for free for this blog. It has worked great but lately I noticed that many of my pictures have “disappeared” from my posts.

This started happening around the time when they were named a finalist for CNET.com’s Webware 100.

The quotation marks on the word “disappeared” is there because my pictures didn’t really disappear. The URL path for the pictures location (the code as I call it) was changed by Fotki. So I painstakingly copied and pasted all the new codes from Fotki for each of my pictures that appear in this blog. Problem solved, pictures were back online.

Then I noticed that Fotki.com now advertised itself as a free unlimited host for pictures for sites, blogs, etc…

And then I noticed that my pictures were missing again and that the URL codes were changed, yet again. So again I painstakingly changed all the links in my posts.

I truly appreciate the free hosting that Fotki.com is offering, but please, please, please stop changing the damned code already. I imagine that maybe after they were named in CNET’s list, they went through some redesign and decided to do free hosting for websites and blogs, and that involved changing their codes and such. So I do hope that all this URL changing is over. I’ve wasted enough time already just updating my old posts…

All my pictures should be up again. Please let me know if any are missing. Email me at bstuffetcblog at gmail dot com

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