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Hunter and Belleayre

Posted by forlogos on February 24, 2008

On February 12, I went to Hunter by myself. I was very excited for this weekday because fresh snow was supposed to have fallen and would continue to fall throughout the day. Well, it started to fall at 3pm, and there was barely any of it. It if were a weekend, conditions would have been much worse, given how crowded Hunter gets during weekends. I tend to avoid that mountain like a plague on weekends. Weekdays are always a different story.

Well, it wasn’t an ordinary weekday. There was some FDNY event and races being held. There were so much firemen on the mountain, I really hope that no fires broke out in the city. Weird thing I noticed was that it was all firemen, none of their kids, wives, or families. I overheard one of them saying that they were given the budget to go to the mountain that day. My tax dollars at work. Oh yeah, whenever I shared a chairlift with firemen, the conversation was almost always about people and I always heard “the brother of this”, “the brother of that”. Firemen are great people and everyone in the city appreciates the hard and dangerous careers that NY’s bravest do.

A few days later, on February 16, I went to Belleayre with AG, my friend I, AG’s friend H, and H’s church. It was as icy as the Ice Coast gets, but overall it was a nice, sunny day. Me and AG’s first run was through the trees. There was some very sweet pow on the way to the woods, but the snow in the woods wasn’t as good. It felt crunchy, baked. Like a mentos, hard and crispy on top, softer inside. AG has a bad fall and landed hard on a rock. Her behind bruised bad.

While crossing though the top of the mountain, I saw this tree that had a deformed heart. Since it was only two days since Valentines, I took a pic. Think I can sell this for next year’s February Hallmark holiday?

While on a chairlift, AG noticed that skiers’ shadows look like frogs. “BUD…”



My Friend I on his third snowboarding day

Him taking a noob fall

Me going down a diamond. My first time to be shot while snowboarding. A skier almost ran into me, so I almost fell


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