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Posted by forlogos on March 1, 2007

I collect toy snowboards. My newest board came with the snowboard instructor from FreestyleMax. The figurine has the most realistic joints of all the action figures I had growing up. You can shrug the shoulders, pull em back, rotate the forearm and thighs – it can move in most of the ways that humans can. Well, it’s head doesn’t move in all directions, but that’s ok.

Here’s a pic of my board collection. If it looks like it could be part of an office – it is, it takes up one of the panels of my work cubicle. The right side are pins from the different mountains I’ve been to. The X’ed lift ticket is from Camelback last season when the Ski Patrol caught me going on a closed trail (It was well worth it – near the end of the day and there was untracked pow to be poached).


Anyway, I while back I blogged that it can be difficult to explain the many BJJ moves that am learning about. Words can only say so much – and not as much as pictures and video. So when I decided to order myself a FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor so I could add the board to my collection – I made sure I got two. I’ll use the two figurines to illustrate BJJ moves that I learn and like.

So here are some pix of my Snowboard instructors in action:





boarder triangles no-gi

boarder armbars no-gi

no-gi armbars boarder

no-gi grabs onto boarders shoulder as he passes the guard

boarder cranks the kimura on no-gi

Names are subject to change. That’s my messy home desk in the background.


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