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armbar from guard, switch, and triangle

Posted by forlogos on July 4, 2008

Ok, here’s the techniques that were drilled waaay back in BJJ Class 94. Hope I still remember the details…

Variation 1

Nogi starts off in guard, pulling on Boarder’s sleeves, his knees controlling Boarder’s elbows, and his feet on Boarder’s hips.

Nogi brings his left arm up and out to have Boarder’s arm betweeen his legs and hooks his right leg against Boarder’s body near the armpit.

Nogi pulls Boarder’s arm close in as he starts to pivot off his back and swinging his left leg…

…up over Boarder’s head and finishes the armbar.

Variation 2

As an alternative, Nogi starts off with both of Boarder’s arms in the center but with his feet on Boarder’s hips and while grabbing both sleeves.

Nogi brings up his right leg tight against Boarder’s body under Boarder’s arm. Nogi pivots on his back, with the help of his left leg pushing off of Boarder’s hip, but (strangely) Nogi’s right leg helps a great deal with the pivoting…

… and the pivoting gets Nogi to position his left leg to position for the armbar…

…but it the technique is loose and Boarder is able to pull his arm out. Boarder thinks he’s safe, but he left his other arm between Nogi’s legs, leaving him vulnerable to an omoplata or …. (let’s call this point B)

…since Nogi still has grips on Boarder’s right arm, he attacks it. Nogi pivots on his back and repositions his feet on Boarder’s hips.

Once he is squared off with boarder, Nogi continues to pivot off his back, using his left leg against Boarder’s body and right foot on Boarder’s hip.

Nogi continues the pivot and keeps Boarders arm tight this time.

Nogi kicks his leg over and finishes the armbar.

Variation 3

From point B, Boarder pulls his arm free from the armbar attempt. Nogi fixes his grips on Boarders arm.

Nogi pivots off his back and pulls Boarder in, trapping Boarder with his legs.

Nogi puts on the finishing touches and taps Boarder with a triangle.


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basic scissor sweep

Posted by forlogos on April 23, 2008

Here’s the technique we went over in BJJ Class 93. I’ve been doing this sweep for a while now, but have missed a few key details…

Nogi starts with Boarder in his closed guard.

Nogi sits up a little as he reaches for Boarder’s collar with his right and grabs by the elbow with his left. Nogi also begins to open his guard.

Nogi hipscapes backward and rotates a little to the side. He positions his left leg flat on the mat against Boarders leg. Nogi’s right knee is by Boarder’s chest, with his leg pressed against Boarder’s upper body. Note that Nogi hooks his right foot on Boarder’s body. Let’s call this part Step 3.

Nogi sits up, bringing his upper body closer to Boarder. This is the step I always forget. Against lighter guys, it doesn’t matter. Against heavier or more skilled guys, this is crucial to getting the sweep.

Keeping his arms tight, Nogi leans back thus bringing Boarder with him – this upsets Boarder’s base, and makes the rest of the sweep much easier to perform.

With Boarder off-base, Nogi does the rest of the sweep as usual. He pulls Boarder with his arms, scissors his legs together, kicking his right leg up and over.

Nogi lands on mount on top of Boarder and can use the grip he has on the collar to set-up a choke. Or whatever else…

Going back to step 3 – if Nogi doesn’t have space to put his left leg on the mat, as the case might be in the pic above…

…Nogi can put his foot on Boarder’s knee…(arms moved out of the way so you can see the foot/knee)

… and push down on it, sliding Boarder’s leg back and removing his base. This can also be combined with the little sit-up, so as to help with the sweep better (arms moved out of the way so you can see the foot/knee).

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Butterfly Guard to Armlock

Posted by forlogos on August 16, 2007

Ok, here’s the move learned in BJJ Class 89, the technique where I injured my shoulder trying to figure out escapes for. I’ve had these photos ready for several weeks now, but just looking at them pains me, so I haven’t been able to post this…

Nogi starts off with Boarder in his butterfly guard.

Nogi sits ups and grabs both of Boarder’s sleeves…

…and pulls boarder off-balance and down.

With Boarder still off-balance, Nogi hipscapes (shifts) to the left and underhooks Boarders right arm.

Hipscaping further, Nogi brings his knee up and uses it to put pressure on Boarders shoulder. Nogi is tighly gripping onto Boarders arm using his own hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. At the same time, Nogi is also trapping Boarders hand on his shoulder by raising his head up (bringing his left ear towards his left shoulder) .

Here is a different angle of the same pic. Nogi’s knee and arm should really be pressing on Boarders shoulder and elbow. It is important that this is performed tightly, otherwise Boarder will escape easily. And even though everything is tight, Nogi will likely have to adjust his knee and elbow to make Boarder tap.

If the technique feels tight but isn’t making Boarder tap, Nogi can roll toward his right – thus modifying the pressure slightly, but making it even more difficult for Boarder.

Now, this is how it would likely happen during a roll…Boarder is in Nogi’s butterfly guard.

Nogi sits up and grabs Boarder, underhooking Boarder’s arm in the process.

Falling back and keeping the underhook in place, Nogi begins to hipscape out to his left.

Keeping his arm tight on the elbow and his head tight by the wrist, Nogi keeps hipscaping and puts his knee on Boarder’s shoulder.

With everything in place, Nogi adjusts his knee and elbow, and rotates inward to make Boarder tap.

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Open Guard Sweep to Knee on Belly

Posted by forlogos on June 25, 2007

Back from vacation. It was nice!! Five days enjoying the small towns of Rhode Island. There was sailing (haven’t sailed in 10 years or so), laying in the beach, home-made ice cream, a hike, local beers, and lots of seafood!!

Anyway, the post below I’ve had prepared for a few weeks now… figured it’s time I published it

This is the technique learned in BJJ Class 78.

Nogi is on open guard and is grabbing onto both of Boarder’s sleeves. His feet are on Boarder’s hips and he is controlling Boarder’s arms through his knees, by spreading them apart.

Making sure that his left leg controls Boarder’s right arm and is tight, Nogi repositions his right leg so that it is across Boarder’s body and hooks it with his foot.

Nogi then swivels (or hipscapes) to the right, lets go of his right hand grip on Boarders sleeve, and grabs onto Boarders pants.

Nogi then moves to put his left knee on the mat. This move alone puts Boarder off-balance, but is not enough to sufficiently roll him. Nogi must also pull up on Boarder’s leg in a sweeping motion, not just straight up. Boarder will roll completely and Nogi simply has to use the motion to help bring himself up…

…landing on top…

…where he can fix his grips and base to get knee on belly.

An alternative/variation for this sweep would be as a pass defense. Boarder is attempting to pass. The first thing Nogi must do is prevent this, so he pulls down on the leg and repositions his body so the the pass cannot be completed.

With the pass attempt somewhat neutralized, Nogi grabs on Boarder’s sleeve with his left, and repositions his right leg so that it is across Boarder’s body.

Just as before, Nogi readjusts his body to grab Boarder’s pant leg.

Nogi drives his left knee down to mat, putting Boarder off-balance, and pulls up (in a circular motion) on the pant leg to roll Boarder…

…and land with the knee on belly position.

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Standing outside Open Guard to Arm Bar

Posted by forlogos on June 15, 2007

This is the technique that we re-drilled in BJJ Class 76.

Boarder starts off outside of Nogi’s open guard

Using speed, Boarder crosses over with his right foot…

… and immediately follows up with his left foot to quickly pass the guard…

…and settle into knee on belly

Nogi reacts by pushing off Boarder’s knee and hipscaping (shrimping) away

However, this action exposes Nogi. Boarder grabs Nogi’s arm near the elbow. Note: It is important that this grab be palm up, not palm down as the pic shows

Boarder steps over Nogi’s head with his left foot…

…and rotates and drops down to finish the armbar. It is better on this step for Boarder to drop down, as if on Nogi’s shoulder, rather than to drop backwards, which will make the armbar very loose and much easier for Nogi to escape. It is important to make sure that the armbar is in nice and tight by Boarders hips and knees

Squeezing his knees together, boarder finishes the armbar using his legs, hips and arms

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Triangle and options

Posted by forlogos on May 26, 2007

Here’s the triangle and options techniques that I mentioned in BJJ Class 74.

Boarder has just opened Nogi’s guard and is about to start his pass

Instead of struggling to maintain the guard, Nogi grabs both of Boarder’s sleeves, and puts his knees inside their arms and rests his feet on Boarder’s hips

While pulling on both of Boarder’s sleeves, Nogi plants his right leg on boarders shoulder. This can also be planted on his bicep.

With Boarder trying to push in or Nogi pulling on Boarder, Nogi slips his right foot up and begins to transition to the triangle. Note how Nogi pulls Boarder’s right wrist – he will bring it under his left armpit.

The triangle is complete. Nogi can squeeze his legs and pull down on Boarder’s head to finish the regular triangle choke. With Boarder’s right arm trapped, Nogi can also squeeze his left elbow to make Boarder tap to an arm lock. He can also do both at the same time and make Boarder tap to two things…

Alternatively, Nogi can switch his right leg under Boarder’s head…

…to triangle Boarder’s right arm. Once the arm is triangled, Nogi just has to raise his hips to give Boarder a very painful arm lock.

Also, Nogi can pull down on Boarder’s head, choking him on his shin, for another tap. Note: the shin isn’t on the neck in the pic – just a limitation of these Snowboard Instructors – but it should be.

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Simple spider guard pass

Posted by forlogos on April 18, 2007

As I said back in BJJ Class 64, here is the illustration of the guard pass learned that day.

Boarder gets caught in no-gi’s spider guard. Boarder keeps his posture up

Boarder gets up on his feet and with both hands grabs the the pants of no-gi at the bottom near the ankles. Boarder uses good base so as not to get swept or pulled in

Boarder steps back, still maintaining his base

In one swift motion, boarder pulls on no-gi’s pants, bringing no-gi closer. At the same time boarder raises no-gis legs and stacks him. The swift motion releases no-gi’s grips and footholds. Boarder is in a good position to pass

Boarder passes and settles into side control

Hope I didn’t miss any details, class 64 was about two weeks ago…

And wow, it’s hard working with them toys!! I wonder how long it takes the Robot Chicken people to do their shows

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Open guard to single leg. Or something

Posted by forlogos on March 22, 2007

Here’s the move I learned from BJJ Class 60. I thought at first that I wouldn’t use it much, but after thinking about how much I use (or at least try to use) a similar take down from seated guard, I think I actually will. So I’ll use my still new snowboard instructors to help in illustrating and describing the technique.

Move starts with boarder trying to pass no-gi’s guard. He tries to control no-gi’s knees with his hands.

All at the same time, no-gi grabs boarders right wrist with his right and pulls to help him scoot in towards boarder’s right leg.

No-gi repositions his left leg so that it wraps around boarder’s right leg. I don’t remember how to best do this step, or if this is where it should be.

Boarder senses that he may be swept, so he tries to pull his arm free from no-gi’s grip. No gi capitalizes on this on this, and uses the boarder’s pull to help him sit up. No-gi can post on his elbow or arm to further facilitate sitting up.
No-gi is now seated. Note that no-gi’s butt should never leave the mat, he has to stay low to keep the takedown effective. Also, no-gi should reposition his right leg as he sits up, so it is off to the side. The left leg should stay in place, and even wrap around boarder’s right foot tighter if possible.

With boarder’s right foot trapped, no-gi pushes forward with his shoulder (head tucked to the right) to take boarder to the mat. Note that this step can be done without using the arms – only the locked foot and shoulder are necessary for this single leg.

Here is another view of the last picture, giving a better look at what makes the take-down work: the trapped foot and using the shoulder to push around the knee.

Depending on how boarder falls down, no-gi will have several options of how to proceed. In the pic, no-gi has cleared his right leg over boarders and is trying to control boarders knee as he transitions into side control.

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Posted by forlogos on March 1, 2007

I collect toy snowboards. My newest board came with the snowboard instructor from FreestyleMax. The figurine has the most realistic joints of all the action figures I had growing up. You can shrug the shoulders, pull em back, rotate the forearm and thighs – it can move in most of the ways that humans can. Well, it’s head doesn’t move in all directions, but that’s ok.

Here’s a pic of my board collection. If it looks like it could be part of an office – it is, it takes up one of the panels of my work cubicle. The right side are pins from the different mountains I’ve been to. The X’ed lift ticket is from Camelback last season when the Ski Patrol caught me going on a closed trail (It was well worth it – near the end of the day and there was untracked pow to be poached).


Anyway, I while back I blogged that it can be difficult to explain the many BJJ moves that am learning about. Words can only say so much – and not as much as pictures and video. So when I decided to order myself a FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor so I could add the board to my collection – I made sure I got two. I’ll use the two figurines to illustrate BJJ moves that I learn and like.

So here are some pix of my Snowboard instructors in action:





boarder triangles no-gi

boarder armbars no-gi

no-gi armbars boarder

no-gi grabs onto boarders shoulder as he passes the guard

boarder cranks the kimura on no-gi

Names are subject to change. That’s my messy home desk in the background.

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