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basic scissor sweep

Posted by forlogos on April 23, 2008

Here’s the technique we went over in BJJ Class 93. I’ve been doing this sweep for a while now, but have missed a few key details…

Nogi starts with Boarder in his closed guard.

Nogi sits up a little as he reaches for Boarder’s collar with his right and grabs by the elbow with his left. Nogi also begins to open his guard.

Nogi hipscapes backward and rotates a little to the side. He positions his left leg flat on the mat against Boarders leg. Nogi’s right knee is by Boarder’s chest, with his leg pressed against Boarder’s upper body. Note that Nogi hooks his right foot on Boarder’s body. Let’s call this part Step 3.

Nogi sits up, bringing his upper body closer to Boarder. This is the step I always forget. Against lighter guys, it doesn’t matter. Against heavier or more skilled guys, this is crucial to getting the sweep.

Keeping his arms tight, Nogi leans back thus bringing Boarder with him – this upsets Boarder’s base, and makes the rest of the sweep much easier to perform.

With Boarder off-base, Nogi does the rest of the sweep as usual. He pulls Boarder with his arms, scissors his legs together, kicking his right leg up and over.

Nogi lands on mount on top of Boarder and can use the grip he has on the collar to set-up a choke. Or whatever else…

Going back to step 3 – if Nogi doesn’t have space to put his left leg on the mat, as the case might be in the pic above…

…Nogi can put his foot on Boarder’s knee…(arms moved out of the way so you can see the foot/knee)

… and push down on it, sliding Boarder’s leg back and removing his base. This can also be combined with the little sit-up, so as to help with the sweep better (arms moved out of the way so you can see the foot/knee).


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side control to triangle

Posted by forlogos on April 23, 2007

Ok, this is the move from BJJ Class 67. It’s really cool because it involves a few baits and traps. As with the other moves I’ve (and will) illustrate, I feel like this move clicked with me and I see myself realistically adding the technique/s to my present game.

Boarder starts in side control.

Here is another view of the same position. Nogi’s inner arm is inside the position and Boarder will have to remove the arm first to make his side control tighter and more secure – harder for Nogi to escape from.

To do this, Boarder switches his base, using his hips to push Nogi’s arm up and out.

Boarder pulls on Nogi’s arm…

…and settles back into side control, with Nogi’s arm outside. Nogi brings his inner leg up and does a figure four. This removes space that Boarder can use and also keeps Boarder from easily mounting.

Boarder sees this and puts his nearest arm through the figure-four and grabs onto Nogi’s outer thigh.

Boarder pushes on Nogi’s legs using his shoulder, driving Nogi’s legs to the floor

In both pictures, Boarder steps his closest leg between both of Nogi’s legs.

Nogi sees that he is about to be mounted, so he defends his position and pushes out on boarders knee…

…but boarder pulls up on the arm…

…and transitions to mount.

Boarder positions his right knee high, just above Nogi’s shoulder. Boarder also starts a choke using his left forearm on Nogi’s neck.

This is the same step as the last pic, just a better picture of it.

In the two pix, Nogi brings his arm in to help defend his neck.

Boarder grabs Nogi’s arm and traps it on Nogi’s chest. Boarder also places his free hand under Nogi’s head.

All (or almost all) at the same time, Boarder leans slightly back, lifts Nogis’s head, and swings his left leg over Nogi’s shoulder…

…and under his head.

Boarder begins a shoulder roll. (It might be best to lock the legs in position before rolling, because an aware opponent will likely posture up and out of the triangle)

The roll is complete. Boarder locks and tightens the triangle.

Boarder finishes Nogi with an armbar…

…or a triangle choke.

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