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armbar from guard, switch, and triangle

Posted by forlogos on July 4, 2008

Ok, here’s the techniques that were drilled waaay back in BJJ Class 94. Hope I still remember the details…

Variation 1

Nogi starts off in guard, pulling on Boarder’s sleeves, his knees controlling Boarder’s elbows, and his feet on Boarder’s hips.

Nogi brings his left arm up and out to have Boarder’s arm betweeen his legs and hooks his right leg against Boarder’s body near the armpit.

Nogi pulls Boarder’s arm close in as he starts to pivot off his back and swinging his left leg…

…up over Boarder’s head and finishes the armbar.

Variation 2

As an alternative, Nogi starts off with both of Boarder’s arms in the center but with his feet on Boarder’s hips and while grabbing both sleeves.

Nogi brings up his right leg tight against Boarder’s body under Boarder’s arm. Nogi pivots on his back, with the help of his left leg pushing off of Boarder’s hip, but (strangely) Nogi’s right leg helps a great deal with the pivoting…

… and the pivoting gets Nogi to position his left leg to position for the armbar…

…but it the technique is loose and Boarder is able to pull his arm out. Boarder thinks he’s safe, but he left his other arm between Nogi’s legs, leaving him vulnerable to an omoplata or …. (let’s call this point B)

…since Nogi still has grips on Boarder’s right arm, he attacks it. Nogi pivots on his back and repositions his feet on Boarder’s hips.

Once he is squared off with boarder, Nogi continues to pivot off his back, using his left leg against Boarder’s body and right foot on Boarder’s hip.

Nogi continues the pivot and keeps Boarders arm tight this time.

Nogi kicks his leg over and finishes the armbar.

Variation 3

From point B, Boarder pulls his arm free from the armbar attempt. Nogi fixes his grips on Boarders arm.

Nogi pivots off his back and pulls Boarder in, trapping Boarder with his legs.

Nogi puts on the finishing touches and taps Boarder with a triangle.


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Butterfly Guard to Armlock

Posted by forlogos on August 16, 2007

Ok, here’s the move learned in BJJ Class 89, the technique where I injured my shoulder trying to figure out escapes for. I’ve had these photos ready for several weeks now, but just looking at them pains me, so I haven’t been able to post this…

Nogi starts off with Boarder in his butterfly guard.

Nogi sits ups and grabs both of Boarder’s sleeves…

…and pulls boarder off-balance and down.

With Boarder still off-balance, Nogi hipscapes (shifts) to the left and underhooks Boarders right arm.

Hipscaping further, Nogi brings his knee up and uses it to put pressure on Boarders shoulder. Nogi is tighly gripping onto Boarders arm using his own hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. At the same time, Nogi is also trapping Boarders hand on his shoulder by raising his head up (bringing his left ear towards his left shoulder) .

Here is a different angle of the same pic. Nogi’s knee and arm should really be pressing on Boarders shoulder and elbow. It is important that this is performed tightly, otherwise Boarder will escape easily. And even though everything is tight, Nogi will likely have to adjust his knee and elbow to make Boarder tap.

If the technique feels tight but isn’t making Boarder tap, Nogi can roll toward his right – thus modifying the pressure slightly, but making it even more difficult for Boarder.

Now, this is how it would likely happen during a roll…Boarder is in Nogi’s butterfly guard.

Nogi sits up and grabs Boarder, underhooking Boarder’s arm in the process.

Falling back and keeping the underhook in place, Nogi begins to hipscape out to his left.

Keeping his arm tight on the elbow and his head tight by the wrist, Nogi keeps hipscaping and puts his knee on Boarder’s shoulder.

With everything in place, Nogi adjusts his knee and elbow, and rotates inward to make Boarder tap.

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video experiment – armbar

Posted by forlogos on July 19, 2007

I played around yesterday and made my first clip of stop-motion animation. Damn, it’s hard work!!

I obviously need to make more frames to make the motion look smoother….but I now have more respect for claymation and other stop-motion artists.

Click on the pic to see the video…

Nogi armbars Boarder. He doesn’t get it right away, but after a minor adjustment, Nogi really cranks it.

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Standing outside Open Guard to Arm Bar

Posted by forlogos on June 15, 2007

This is the technique that we re-drilled in BJJ Class 76.

Boarder starts off outside of Nogi’s open guard

Using speed, Boarder crosses over with his right foot…

… and immediately follows up with his left foot to quickly pass the guard…

…and settle into knee on belly

Nogi reacts by pushing off Boarder’s knee and hipscaping (shrimping) away

However, this action exposes Nogi. Boarder grabs Nogi’s arm near the elbow. Note: It is important that this grab be palm up, not palm down as the pic shows

Boarder steps over Nogi’s head with his left foot…

…and rotates and drops down to finish the armbar. It is better on this step for Boarder to drop down, as if on Nogi’s shoulder, rather than to drop backwards, which will make the armbar very loose and much easier for Nogi to escape. It is important to make sure that the armbar is in nice and tight by Boarders hips and knees

Squeezing his knees together, boarder finishes the armbar using his legs, hips and arms

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Triangle and options

Posted by forlogos on May 26, 2007

Here’s the triangle and options techniques that I mentioned in BJJ Class 74.

Boarder has just opened Nogi’s guard and is about to start his pass

Instead of struggling to maintain the guard, Nogi grabs both of Boarder’s sleeves, and puts his knees inside their arms and rests his feet on Boarder’s hips

While pulling on both of Boarder’s sleeves, Nogi plants his right leg on boarders shoulder. This can also be planted on his bicep.

With Boarder trying to push in or Nogi pulling on Boarder, Nogi slips his right foot up and begins to transition to the triangle. Note how Nogi pulls Boarder’s right wrist – he will bring it under his left armpit.

The triangle is complete. Nogi can squeeze his legs and pull down on Boarder’s head to finish the regular triangle choke. With Boarder’s right arm trapped, Nogi can also squeeze his left elbow to make Boarder tap to an arm lock. He can also do both at the same time and make Boarder tap to two things…

Alternatively, Nogi can switch his right leg under Boarder’s head…

…to triangle Boarder’s right arm. Once the arm is triangled, Nogi just has to raise his hips to give Boarder a very painful arm lock.

Also, Nogi can pull down on Boarder’s head, choking him on his shin, for another tap. Note: the shin isn’t on the neck in the pic – just a limitation of these Snowboard Instructors – but it should be.

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North-South armbar and some options

Posted by forlogos on May 26, 2007

Ok, here’s the technique I mentioned that we went over in BJJ Class 69, 70 or 71. We did this armbar and kimura a long time ago when I was a fresh noob. It’s nice to do these techniques again as you gain new insights everytime.

Boarder starts off on top of North-South. He keeps his weight on Nogi and uses his knees to help control Nogi’s head. He controls Nogi’s left arm with his right hand and grabs Nogi’s right arm with his left.

The pic shows how Boarder grabs Nogi’s arm. This is how the arm should be grabbed in the first photo above. He uses his whole arm to hook or grab the arm near its elbow. Also, Boarder secures the arm by gripping his own lapel or shoulder.

With the arm tight and secure, Boarder pulls up on the arm using his whole body, lifting Nogi’s left shoulder off the mat in the process. Let’s call this step B.

The same position, just showing a different angle of step B. When Boarder pulls up on the arm, he will step his left foot flat right next to Nogi’s back. This should be tight and the foot should be planted below the shoulder blades. Boarder should lean forward, pushing on his hips, moreso than the picture shows. He should also use his head to control the wrist/hand of Nogi. When this step is tight, Boarder can make Nogi tap simply by applying pressure on Nogi’s elbow by using his left leg and head on the arm.

Boarder starts the armbar movement by twisting/turning to the right. He repositions his right leg and plants it flat on the mat near Nogi’s head.

Different angle of the last pic. Boarder is spinning into the armbar. He has to keep his hips low and tight, or the armbar will be loose.

Boarder falls back into the armbar. As he pulls back, he also pushes up on his hips, squeezes his knees together, and pushes down on his legs.

Different angle of the same picture above.

Different angle of the same picture above. Boarders left leg stays on Nogi’s back. Armbar complete.

Let’s go back to step B. Suppose that Boarder wasn’t using his head to control Nogi’s wrist/hand….

…so Nogi is able to avoid the armbar by bending his arm.

Boarder see this and takes advantage of the change in situation. He quickly uses his right hand to grab Nogi’s left wrist.

Boarder then grabs his own wrist with his left hand.

To complete the Kimura, Boarder sits the right side of his hip down on the mat on or right next to Nogi.

With his hip down and base secure, Boarder then brings his right elbow down on the mat. By this time, Nogi should be tapping already. If not, boarder should just continue cranking the kimura until he gets the tap.

If Nogi is able to twist his arm out of the Kimura, Boarder will just need to slightly reposition his arms to go for the straight arm lock to get the tap.

Let’s say that from Plan B, Nogi is able to once again bend his arm but in addition he grabs his other hand and holds on, making the kimura difficult.

Boarder will first step back with his left leg so that he is on both knees again.

Boarder will then somehow step over with his other leg and base out on his right hip. I really don’t remember this step or how to finish it. I know that somewhere, Boarder has to put his elbow to the mat and pull or squeeze or something…However the process, Nogi will tap to a painful bicep squeeze.

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side control to triangle

Posted by forlogos on April 23, 2007

Ok, this is the move from BJJ Class 67. It’s really cool because it involves a few baits and traps. As with the other moves I’ve (and will) illustrate, I feel like this move clicked with me and I see myself realistically adding the technique/s to my present game.

Boarder starts in side control.

Here is another view of the same position. Nogi’s inner arm is inside the position and Boarder will have to remove the arm first to make his side control tighter and more secure – harder for Nogi to escape from.

To do this, Boarder switches his base, using his hips to push Nogi’s arm up and out.

Boarder pulls on Nogi’s arm…

…and settles back into side control, with Nogi’s arm outside. Nogi brings his inner leg up and does a figure four. This removes space that Boarder can use and also keeps Boarder from easily mounting.

Boarder sees this and puts his nearest arm through the figure-four and grabs onto Nogi’s outer thigh.

Boarder pushes on Nogi’s legs using his shoulder, driving Nogi’s legs to the floor

In both pictures, Boarder steps his closest leg between both of Nogi’s legs.

Nogi sees that he is about to be mounted, so he defends his position and pushes out on boarders knee…

…but boarder pulls up on the arm…

…and transitions to mount.

Boarder positions his right knee high, just above Nogi’s shoulder. Boarder also starts a choke using his left forearm on Nogi’s neck.

This is the same step as the last pic, just a better picture of it.

In the two pix, Nogi brings his arm in to help defend his neck.

Boarder grabs Nogi’s arm and traps it on Nogi’s chest. Boarder also places his free hand under Nogi’s head.

All (or almost all) at the same time, Boarder leans slightly back, lifts Nogis’s head, and swings his left leg over Nogi’s shoulder…

…and under his head.

Boarder begins a shoulder roll. (It might be best to lock the legs in position before rolling, because an aware opponent will likely posture up and out of the triangle)

The roll is complete. Boarder locks and tightens the triangle.

Boarder finishes Nogi with an armbar…

…or a triangle choke.

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