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Hunter and Belleayre

Posted by forlogos on February 24, 2008

On February 12, I went to Hunter by myself. I was very excited for this weekday because fresh snow was supposed to have fallen and would continue to fall throughout the day. Well, it started to fall at 3pm, and there was barely any of it. It if were a weekend, conditions would have been much worse, given how crowded Hunter gets during weekends. I tend to avoid that mountain like a plague on weekends. Weekdays are always a different story.

Well, it wasn’t an ordinary weekday. There was some FDNY event and races being held. There were so much firemen on the mountain, I really hope that no fires broke out in the city. Weird thing I noticed was that it was all firemen, none of their kids, wives, or families. I overheard one of them saying that they were given the budget to go to the mountain that day. My tax dollars at work. Oh yeah, whenever I shared a chairlift with firemen, the conversation was almost always about people and I always heard “the brother of this”, “the brother of that”. Firemen are great people and everyone in the city appreciates the hard and dangerous careers that NY’s bravest do.

A few days later, on February 16, I went to Belleayre with AG, my friend I, AG’s friend H, and H’s church. It was as icy as the Ice Coast gets, but overall it was a nice, sunny day. Me and AG’s first run was through the trees. There was some very sweet pow on the way to the woods, but the snow in the woods wasn’t as good. It felt crunchy, baked. Like a mentos, hard and crispy on top, softer inside. AG has a bad fall and landed hard on a rock. Her behind bruised bad.

While crossing though the top of the mountain, I saw this tree that had a deformed heart. Since it was only two days since Valentines, I took a pic. Think I can sell this for next year’s February Hallmark holiday?

While on a chairlift, AG noticed that skiers’ shadows look like frogs. “BUD…”



My Friend I on his third snowboarding day

Him taking a noob fall

Me going down a diamond. My first time to be shot while snowboarding. A skier almost ran into me, so I almost fell


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weather’s back – Belleayre

Posted by forlogos on February 22, 2008

The weekend after, on January 21, I went with a friend to Belleayre. It was nice to see that winter was back, there was snow everywhere.

Conditions on the trails were good before 3pm, as usual for this mountain. The trees were another story as there just wasn’t enough of a base (not enough snow). There were too many roots and branches sticking out – I even fell once and felt a branch sticking up my back. Needless to say, I scratched up my board real good in that one run, the only run I made through the trees.

Belleayre’s a great mountain with seemingly always good (for the east coast) conditions. As usual, because of the geographical position of the mountain, everything turns to $hi+ after 3pm. The upper mountain, where all the blue and diamond trails are, get covered in the mountain’s shadow. This freezes everything and all the snow turns to ice. As a second pow, all the shadow reduces visibility to a great extent so you can’t see much. The trails just look white, you can’t see depth, the contours, and whatnot. Boarding through ice you can’t see is doable, but more of an exercise of frustration.

Anyway, I still like Belleayre. It’s close to the city and when conditions are good, the woods are awesome!!

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Missed the bus

Posted by forlogos on March 11, 2007

Didn’t get to go snowboarding, me and AG missed the bus.  Oh well, we might try again for Belleayre next weekend.  Hope the weather will be good.

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One more midterm to go

Posted by forlogos on February 24, 2007

Have one more test on monday for accounting. I can’t decide if I should go snowboarding the day before. I love boarding but I need to study too.

Things have always gone well for me if I go somewhere before a test. I went to Puerto Rico before a final before and I scored a 100%. A few weeks ago I went boarding before two midterms and I scored 95% and 100%. So I should go boarding.

But Emilio’s goes to Hunter Mountain this sunday, and I hate Hunter. I could take the Windham shuttle but I’ve never taken it before and I don’t want to learn the details of a new company this weekend. There is a bus that goes to Belleayre from the Port Authority but it has so many stops along the way and you need to transfer to another bus at some point. Of course, given the bad ice coast winter – current conditions matter. I want to have a fun day on the mountain, not a painful one on the ice.

Anyway, I drafted this post yesterday. Turns out I can’t go boarding anyway…

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Posted by forlogos on February 20, 2007

Me and AG went to Belleayre with a bunch of friends on the first day of President’s Day weekend.

Besides Okemo late last year, Belleayre was the best boarding day of the season. It was a high of 26 or 22, bright and sunny, and no wind chill to speak of. The dumped snow from the last “white Valentine’s day” snowstorm was plenty and very evident. There was plenty of pow to be had.

Moguls were soft and forgiving. Even though it was a few days from the blizzard, there was pow a plenty all over and boarding was like floating on air!! And the glades, oh the glades were the best! It was the best tree boarding all season as well.

The parking lot and lodges appeared full, the lift lines at the bottom were long, but the top of the mountain was pleasantly free.

It was such a great day. Here are some pix :

Saw this car in the parking lot when we came in…I’m glad I don’t havta shovel that car out

I think Belleayre has the best views among the Catskill mountains

At the end of the day my boots were smokin’ (not too sure if you can spot the steam rising from within)

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