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Mount Snow and fresh pow

Posted by forlogos on March 20, 2007

About 14″ fell last saturday on lower Vermont. Least, that’s what the forecasts said, I don’t know what the actual amounts were. It truly was a great thing that I saw the weekend forecast on thursday and that me and AG were able to get some seats on the bus.

It was a great day, epic!! The snow was soft and plentiful, powder was everywhere to be had! Fresh tracks on the sides of trails and in between the trees were soft, heavenly, and really made me smile…

As soon as we got off the lift, we hit the glades (this was our warm-up). Damn pow was hard to float on…. We went for a full run after the trees, but riding through the pow was very difficult with having to put our weight on our back foots so we wouldn’t sink and get stuck in “powder traps”. We took a break and adjusted our bindings rearward.

While I was changing our bindings set up, a single-planked park-rat complained to me, “I thought the powder was going to be a blessing, it turns out to be a curse!!” Oh you Ice Coast rider, only someone used to ice would complain about pow!! Lunacy!!

With the new binding settings, riding all the pow was fun and was easy. Actually, it was really surprising how much easier it was to float. Powder traps that were so difficult to get out of in the past were, well, none-existent! At one point I got stuck by a tree well and knew for sure I would have to unstrap…I was so surprised by how easy it was to hop out of knee-deep snow and get my board out…. The binding settings made all the difference in the deep (Ice Coast) pow.

Oh, and fresh tracks in the glades was some of the best boarding I’ve had all season.

Not much pix from the day, and none with me (I always have the camera, so I don’t have much pix of myself).

AG taking a breather in the glades.  Yes, that is a fallen tree behind AG.  You ride around it, but I could see some jibbers jumping over it…

The other Emilio’s bus (Manhattan only) that kinda looks like a mangy dog…

I’m really looking forward to my Utah trip which is several days away – my first trip away from the Ice Coast…

Snowboard loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove people!!!


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work and about 14″ on the way

Posted by forlogos on March 16, 2007

Work was good today. After a meeting, where I did a short presentation, I went to my desk and made another instructional presentation regarding the new process we were implementing and the new-to-half-my-department application we would need for this. I sent this to my entire department (6 locations in 3 countries and about 100-125 people) and I received complements on how great and clear the presentation I made was. With my boss cc’ed, of course!! Ha hah!!

While this motivated me to do some work, I’m still going to leave this job. I am still looking for an internship and I will definitely take a term to study full-time. If I don’t get the internship, then I’m going to look for another full-time job. I really need to get my career moving. Fortunately, I am only 26 so I have time on my side.

But I do hate when I get in conversations with people my age and they disclose that they make twice what I do. Not that I’m jealous or anything, but the last time this happened, I couldn’t help but compare myself to this person (a SLACKER) and think of how much more work I do and how irreplaceable I am to my group (it’s true, no one else does what I do and it will take a long time for another to learn and do things as efficiently as me).

Anyway, am really psyched for this weekend. Mt. Snow is getting about 15″ inches of snow on Friday night, and boy am I glad that me and AG managed to grab some seats for the saturday bus !! 15″ in the Ice Coast, oh yeah, it’s gonna be an epic day!!!

Snowboard looooooooooooooooooove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Early Feb Okemo and Mt. Snow

Posted by forlogos on February 14, 2007

Got to hit the slopes again this month. Winter has finally arrived!! Well, as wintery as East Coast, Global Warming will get!

Went back to Okemo on Feb 4th. It was originally supposed to be a Feb 3rd trip to Windham, but me and AG missed the bus by a few minutes. Another lady was there and missed the bus too. We took a cab and tried to catch the same bus in Manhattan, but we just didn’t make it. When we got home, we immediately reserved spots for the Okemo bus trip. We were lucky that they still had seats for that. AG saw that lady in Okemo the day after.

By the way, I like going to mountains through Emilio’s Ski Shop. They book day trips to nearby mountains and to Lower Vermont. Very convenient, affordable and easy. I’ve been taking trips with them for about 3 years now. Love ’em!!

So anyway, we went to Okemo. It was a nice clear day. No fresh powder or anything, but they made snow. None of the double diamonds were open, nor were any of the glades…well, one glade, but it was all very hard-pack with some grass and rocks scattered within…it was still a fun day. Here’s some pix:




My board and bindings while on a lift

The week after (this weekend), right before my midterms, we went to Mount Snow. My first time there and I was disappointed. Not because of the mountain though. It was a nice size and would’ve been better with some fresh pow (like any East Coast mountain would), but the real problem was how the management designed the place.

First of all, the racetrack was horribly designed. I don’t mind if a resort closes several trails so that they can have races – I don’t mind at all. The thing though was that the race track cut the mountain in half. You could take lifts up the one side of the mountain that you were on, all the way as high as the lifts could take you, but there would be no way to get across to the other areas of the mountain. The 1st half of the morning was spent just trying to get to the other side of the mountain. It turns out that there’s a small crossing near the lodge and 1st lift that you can use to get over, but it’s not clearly indicated in the map. There was also too many closed trails. This is more a function of the nasty winter we’re having than anything else, so it’s not their fault. But the Lift lines being horrible is their fault! Most of the lifts start near the lodges. Long, long lift lines. You wait in line much longer than you actually spend riding. They need to have more lifts (fast ones) and more mid-mountain lifts (or a bigger mountain).

Anyway, here’s a pic of AG’s board after we took a break for lunch. We parked her board on a fence that was directly underneath the edge of the lodge’s roof, so the snow that was melting off the roof fell on her board…anyway, take a look:


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