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Okemo – Feb 2nd

Posted by forlogos on February 22, 2008

On February 2nd, me, AG, and my friend I, went by bus to Okemo. On the way there, we ran into another boarder, who joined us for the rest of the day. So we became friends with him, let’s call him R.

All in all, it was a good day. Great snow in the morning, getting icier in the pm. Typical good east coast conditions. The lower mountain had good conditions for most of the day. Me and AG did a lot of runs with R. It was my friend’s I second time to go boarding, Belleayre was his first.

Emilios Ski Shop’s bus drivers are really bad this year. It took two or so more hours than usual to get home and an hour more to get there. This year, they seem to be using GPS devices that are set to “shortest route” rather than “quickest time”. This has translated into more local roads, less highways, less speed, and a great deal of more time. All the trips I’ve taken with them this year has taken longer than usual. It took more than three hours one time to get to Hunter!! Overall though, they still provide a great and convenient deal…

Some Okemo pix:

Here’s R in the foreground, making his down a blue

And AG, down the same blue trail

And a blurry version of that

Here’s R after going down some steeps. Can’t remember if it was a single or double black…

And AG going down that same steep…

R and AG going down a steep portion of a cruiser

view from one of the chairlifts

Some snow-gunned trees at the peak


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Early Feb Okemo and Mt. Snow

Posted by forlogos on February 14, 2007

Got to hit the slopes again this month. Winter has finally arrived!! Well, as wintery as East Coast, Global Warming will get!

Went back to Okemo on Feb 4th. It was originally supposed to be a Feb 3rd trip to Windham, but me and AG missed the bus by a few minutes. Another lady was there and missed the bus too. We took a cab and tried to catch the same bus in Manhattan, but we just didn’t make it. When we got home, we immediately reserved spots for the Okemo bus trip. We were lucky that they still had seats for that. AG saw that lady in Okemo the day after.

By the way, I like going to mountains through Emilio’s Ski Shop. They book day trips to nearby mountains and to Lower Vermont. Very convenient, affordable and easy. I’ve been taking trips with them for about 3 years now. Love ’em!!

So anyway, we went to Okemo. It was a nice clear day. No fresh powder or anything, but they made snow. None of the double diamonds were open, nor were any of the glades…well, one glade, but it was all very hard-pack with some grass and rocks scattered within…it was still a fun day. Here’s some pix:




My board and bindings while on a lift

The week after (this weekend), right before my midterms, we went to Mount Snow. My first time there and I was disappointed. Not because of the mountain though. It was a nice size and would’ve been better with some fresh pow (like any East Coast mountain would), but the real problem was how the management designed the place.

First of all, the racetrack was horribly designed. I don’t mind if a resort closes several trails so that they can have races – I don’t mind at all. The thing though was that the race track cut the mountain in half. You could take lifts up the one side of the mountain that you were on, all the way as high as the lifts could take you, but there would be no way to get across to the other areas of the mountain. The 1st half of the morning was spent just trying to get to the other side of the mountain. It turns out that there’s a small crossing near the lodge and 1st lift that you can use to get over, but it’s not clearly indicated in the map. There was also too many closed trails. This is more a function of the nasty winter we’re having than anything else, so it’s not their fault. But the Lift lines being horrible is their fault! Most of the lifts start near the lodges. Long, long lift lines. You wait in line much longer than you actually spend riding. They need to have more lifts (fast ones) and more mid-mountain lifts (or a bigger mountain).

Anyway, here’s a pic of AG’s board after we took a break for lunch. We parked her board on a fence that was directly underneath the edge of the lodge’s roof, so the snow that was melting off the roof fell on her board…anyway, take a look:


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The trip home from Okemo

Posted by forlogos on January 7, 2007

AG’s board

Going home on the other hand was a totally different story. As I was asleep, I don’t know for sure how many times the bus stopped nor how long it crawled thru the I-95. The bus was leaking fuel and finally stopped moving on the middle of the CT exit 6 entry and the highway. We were near Stamford and the fire department and the cops showed up. They left after a bit and we learned that an extra bus was just sent to get us,but we were still about 90 minutes from the city.

It was about 9pm and we were still going to watch UFC 66 at a friends place. We had to get there as we had 2 other friends that didn’t know the host and were already on the way. Given the damned bus and our location, things weren’t looking so good. Some people, with gear and all, left to walk to the nearest train station. We managed to get a cab to come. Another person wanted to join us but backed out when the cabbie wouldn’t negotiate below $110 to get to the city. We had the cab take me and AG to the nearest train station instead. Other bus passengers were ordering pizza and asking for it to be delivered on the highway. It was a 20 minute wait for the 1st train, an express that took us to Manhattan in just 40 minutes and no stops. After a short cab ride we made it and were able to watch a few fights and the main event (Lidell vs. Ortiz).

The whole ordeal was a nasty part of an otherwise great weekend. I think it doesn’t sound so bad the way I wrote about it…

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Finally got to hit the slopes

Posted by forlogos on January 6, 2007

Immediately after the IFL (‘immediately’ is not an understatement), me and AG rushed to catch the bus to get to Okemo in Vermont. It was a great! There was no snow most of the way, but the closer we got to the mountain, the more snow appeared in the countryside. It was really good too because it snowed all day – 5″!!! Hey, this is the northeast, and 5″ on a normal day is a good day!!

First time in Okemo and I’m glad it was snowing. The facilities were bad. The main lodge was overcrowded, the bathroom was small and there was no proper changing room for men. The main lodge needs to be overhauled and even replaced. The snow was good though! Cause of the rush from the journey from the Mohegan Sun to Queens, this was my first time to board without having checked the weather first. It was supposed to have been 15 degrees at the peak, but man-oh-man, I was freezing!! I’ve never been so underdressed and unprepared for the mountain! It was all good though, after all, it was snowing all day. Come to think of it, it was also the first time ever where I would tell AG that I was cold and that I wanted to take a break and go in a lodge to warm up. Anyway, the blue trails seemed easy and the diamonds didn’t seem that difficult. After a half year hiatus, it’s like we never left the snow at all. The first time back on a board wasn’t slippery or painful at all…Also, I’d say that the steeper slopes were closed as there just wasn’t enough snow, real or fake, to cover them. None of the double diamonds were open, or at least we didn’t come across any open ones.

We were told that they were expecting the mountain to be very crowded, given the holiday weekend, actual real falling snow, and not all the trails being open, so me and AG spent most of the day on the top-half of the mountain, using the mid-mountain lifts, and generally staying away from all the bunny slopes and the main lodge.

Anyway, I’m not yet a parks and jumps guy, so here are some pics from the mountain…061230-okemo-1.jpg



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