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fancy single-leg takedown defense

Posted by forlogos on February 20, 2008

While browsing for BJJ videos today, I came across this awesome wrestling video:

Then I found this clearer video:

That’s a single-leg defense I haven’t seen before!!  Wonder how long before this move transitions over to BJJ…


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BJ Penn and the judo blackbelts

Posted by forlogos on October 5, 2007

I was looking for a BJJ video with tons of shoulder subs, a “shoulder submission highlight” video, if you will – but found none. It would’ve been fun to have a post titled “techniques not to do on me”.

Instead, I found this really cool video of BJ Penn as a whitebelt. Enjoy!

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BJJ and UFC documentaries

Posted by forlogos on September 21, 2007

Was doing some time-wasting surfing and came across these videos..enjoy!

A BJJ documentary featuring Royler and Helio…

…and a video about the beginnings of the UFC.

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video of what my surgery might be like

Posted by forlogos on September 20, 2007

This video is what I think will be closest to what my upcoming surgery will be like.

This one below should be pretty similar…

There’s no way to tell exactly what will be done until a surgeon goes in with an arthroscope since x-rays and MRIs aren’t enough to give an accurate picture of what exactly is going on with the injury.

Based on what my doc sees when he goes in, the following might happen:
– A screw/suture (or more) will be drilled into my shoulder
– excess (I believe excess labrum or cartilage) will be shaved or cut-off
– a combination of the above

The first will have a longer healing time than the second, either way I’m going to be in a sling for a bit and will need therapy.

If I’m provided with a video of my procedure I’ll be sure to post it up here

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Weight placement

Posted by forlogos on August 30, 2007

Saw this in YouTube. Looks like a good thing to implement.

I use it sometimes, like when my opponent is in turtle and I spin around. Hope I can remember this when I roll again in January.

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Jumping With Jussi DVD

Posted by forlogos on August 3, 2007

After reading this review several months back from a blog I frequent, I knew I wanted to get the DVD. Blockbuster.com doesn’t have this in their online video rental site, so I just got it from Amazon.

Haven’t watched it yet, and I prolly won’t anytime soon. It will be the first thing I’ll watch as soon as snow starts falling though. In the meantime, I found these on YouTube…


a clip

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video experiment – armbar

Posted by forlogos on July 19, 2007

I played around yesterday and made my first clip of stop-motion animation. Damn, it’s hard work!!

I obviously need to make more frames to make the motion look smoother….but I now have more respect for claymation and other stop-motion artists.

Click on the pic to see the video…

Nogi armbars Boarder. He doesn’t get it right away, but after a minor adjustment, Nogi really cranks it.

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Vids from ADCC

Posted by forlogos on May 16, 2007

As previously posted, I went to the 2007 ADCC finals in Trenton, NJ a few weeks ago. I’ve been busy since then, so I haven’t had time to blog about it. But I was there and it was cool!!

Anyway, here’s some video from the 2007 ADCC. All have no sound and were shot with either a Canon camera or binoculars with a digital camera.


Just click on the thumbnail

Superfight: Roger Gracie vs Jon Olav Einemo

Marcelo Garcia anaconda choke finish

Marcelo Garcia vs Alexandre Cacareco

part 1 Marcelo Garcia vs Pablo Popovitch

Marcelo Garcia vs Rolles Gracie

Robert Drysdale vs Marcelo Garcia

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Santa rips

Posted by forlogos on December 25, 2006

.. and lost weight too!

These aint the real Santa!!

Oddly enough there weren’t any Santa BJJ’ers or any Santa MBA’ers!! But why Santa, why?

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History of Snowboarding

Posted by forlogos on December 13, 2006

In two minutes flat…

While doing a search on “Snow Blind” I came across this

Pretty cool!!

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