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Open guard to single leg. Or something

Posted by forlogos on March 22, 2007

Here’s the move I learned from BJJ Class 60. I thought at first that I wouldn’t use it much, but after thinking about how much I use (or at least try to use) a similar take down from seated guard, I think I actually will. So I’ll use my still new snowboard instructors to help in illustrating and describing the technique.

Move starts with boarder trying to pass no-gi’s guard. He tries to control no-gi’s knees with his hands.

All at the same time, no-gi grabs boarders right wrist with his right and pulls to help him scoot in towards boarder’s right leg.

No-gi repositions his left leg so that it wraps around boarder’s right leg. I don’t remember how to best do this step, or if this is where it should be.

Boarder senses that he may be swept, so he tries to pull his arm free from no-gi’s grip. No gi capitalizes on this on this, and uses the boarder’s pull to help him sit up. No-gi can post on his elbow or arm to further facilitate sitting up.
No-gi is now seated. Note that no-gi’s butt should never leave the mat, he has to stay low to keep the takedown effective. Also, no-gi should reposition his right leg as he sits up, so it is off to the side. The left leg should stay in place, and even wrap around boarder’s right foot tighter if possible.

With boarder’s right foot trapped, no-gi pushes forward with his shoulder (head tucked to the right) to take boarder to the mat. Note that this step can be done without using the arms – only the locked foot and shoulder are necessary for this single leg.

Here is another view of the last picture, giving a better look at what makes the take-down work: the trapped foot and using the shoulder to push around the knee.

Depending on how boarder falls down, no-gi will have several options of how to proceed. In the pic, no-gi has cleared his right leg over boarders and is trying to control boarders knee as he transitions into side control.


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