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many injuries

Posted by forlogos on July 31, 2008

In the past several months, I’ve run across a few BJJ people from before (before I got my injury).  I haven’t seen them for awhile, and it was nice to see them.  Anyway, they’ve all disappeared for the following reasons:

  • torn bicep tendon
  • knee surgery
  • knee surgery

Well, three people but all out due to injuries.  My school isn’t the type where we’re out to hurt everyone all the time and rarely does someone get injured while training. 

There was this one other guy that disappeared, but it was for work reasons.  Still though, 3 out of 4 people…

I don’t really have a point, just thought I’d share.

Don’t get hurt.


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Yet another update

Posted by forlogos on June 18, 2008

Since the last time I went to BJJ, it has been two months.

After the first three weeks of time off, my shoulder felt like it had recovered and felt great – then while doing my physical therapy exercises, I went and did lat pull downs with 40 pounds. I felt something crack or pull in my shoulder and I was out of commission again. Bummer.

Since I foolishly signed a one-year contract when I had restarted BJJ, I was seriously thinking of getting a doctor to write a letter to have the contract cancelled due to health reasons… I had accepted (and went all sad and stuff) the fact that I would stop BJJ 😦

But my shoulder has started feeling pretty good again, and I just can’t stay away from the jits… so I will start BJJ again but take it really easy. If I hurt my shoulder again, that’s it. It is a sign, no more jiu-jitsu for me. I’ll take a multi-year break and go take some Muay Thai (man, I miss kicking).

I don’t really feel like saying much about other parts of my life, but here’s a quickie: I’ve been at my new job for three months now, grad school still sucks but is going well, and (obviously) snowboarding season has ended. Oh, and I’m shopping for a ring…

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shoulder update

Posted by forlogos on April 28, 2008

My shoulder sucks…

It’s been more than a week since I last went to a jits class but my shoulder feels like it went back 5 months in terms of post-surgery recovery.  It hurts when I sit, type, walk, stand, lie down, do anything or nothing.  It’s a low level chronic pain inside my shoulder, not painful enough for me to say “ouch” but enough for me to feel uncomfortable.  This really bites.

If my shoulder is still this way in a few days (friday), I’m going to take a month of jiu-jitsu to recover.

Actually, since my shoulder is feeling this way, I should take a month or two off anyway.

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BJJ Class 97 – getting worse

Posted by forlogos on April 21, 2008

This was monster of a class – 2 hours long. Granted, I wasn’t active the entire two hours, but it was still long. Oh, and that’s not counting the extra 30 minutes I spent before each workday class just stretching my shoulder and the rest of my body.

I spent a good part of the day debating with myself whether I should go train or let my shoulder rest a bit. After going back and forth a bit, it’s obvious to see that I decided to go train.

Class started with drilling a throw (I really gotta learn what all these different types of throws are called) by yourself against a wall, but with a squat mixed in after you do the throwing motion. We then paired off and started drilling jumping guard. The kind of jumping guard where you’re both standing up, and one of you jumps up into guard, and the other guy has to keep his balance and be able to hold you both upright.

Then we drilled a very tiring and highly technical sweep, where you drop down after jumping guard, do spider guard, hipscape between your opponents legs, and make them fall to the ground, where you can establish side control, knee-on-belly, or what have you. Then to make things even more tiring, we practiced the sweep while your partner is trying to pass guard. I’ll illustrate this sweep with my snowboard instructors soon, promise!

I was paired up with tall S (to distinguish himself from the other S), a tall experienced white belt, during the sweep drill, so we paired off for rolling. I’m glad to see that I really do enjoy rolling – as soon as we started, I pulled guard, did spider guard, then proceeded to set-up the sweep we had just been practicing. I LOL’d as soon as I realized that I had just set up the sweep. I had a hard time doing the sweep while rolling because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s very technical. And I think the height difference, with tall S being much taller, made it harder for both him and myself to do.

Anyway, tall S also likes the triangle and manages to catch a lot of fellow white belts with it, just like the other S. So I was on the alert to avoid any triangle set-ups. During the entire roll, I was at the bottom playing defense. I had a few brief moments where I wasn’t on my back, but they were brief. I couldn’t keep him in my guard. I don’t think I even managed to even get closed guard. Anyway, I just kept defending and defending as he would go from North-South, Side control and mount. This went on for a long time. Then at one of the times he mounted, I reversed him, got sloppy (I did want to try the triangle escape that the other S showed me), got caught in a triangle and couldn’t even start to set-up the escape. After that, I was just gassed. I was so gassed and light-headed from the choke, I think I thought about taking a nap right there. But feeling empowered from Supercrap’s post on pushing yourself, I decided to keep on sparring, even though I didn’t have enough energy to even stand up. Well, I barely put up a fight when I had the energy, so I knew I was going to be working on nothing but my defense the whole time. And boy did I! I defended really, really well. My mind went back to the Jedi defense drill we did in BJJ class 91, and that’s just how I defended. If he went for one move, I would roll slightly to one side to neutralize it, if he went for another, I would go the other way to neutralize it. I defended my neck oh so well, even his attempts to set up chokes with his gi. I could tell he was getting frustrated cause he muttered “shitzy” or something like that a few times. I did tap to a gi choke attempt, although I had protected against the choke, it turned into a neck crank. I wanna keep rolling with this guy. Once I can keep him in guard or even maintain a top position, I’ll know that my game has really progressed

I sat to rest for a while, and after several minutes I rolled with P. I had gotten some energy back, but was still way exhausted. I concentrated on staying very technical and tried to do the open guard sweep to knee on belly, which I’ve been trying to do but haven’t managed to pull off yet, and he passed my guard. I was able to get half-guard and I don’t remember how I swept him (I was trying not to do my bread & butter Eddie Bravo half-guard sweeps, which I kept using on him before). I got side control, knee on belly and swung around for the far-side armbar, kinda like this. I still keep forgetting to squeeze my legs together and use my hips more when I armbar, so I landed kinda loose. He was able to stand and stack me, but when he released the pressure, I was able to trip him and finish the armbar. It’s the first time in a real long time that I was able to do an armbar, and even moreso, able to do it when being moved upside down and on my stomach. It wasn’t an easy sub to sink in, so I’m adding this one to my tap counter.

Right after that roll, I felt a sharp but mild pain on my shoulder. I iced it and sat around for some 15-20 minutes then went home. I’ve been icing it since my shower.

The next class I’m scheduled to go for is either two days from now, or on the weekend, 5 days from now. I think I just might pass on them and rest. I can’t risk this shoulder. After a few weeks, I stopped telling everyone I roll with not to pull the arm, since nothing has happened. I will tell every single person I roll with, even if I’ve told them several times before, not to pull on the arm and to avoid doing stuff to my right arm/shoulder, and I will always roll up my sleeve as a constant reminder for them while rolling . Also, before any submission to my right arm/shoulder feels like it is going to be completed, I will tap and yell out. I will not try to escape it, I will tap immediately. I will do this for as long as it takes until the shoulder feels normal again, even it takes all year. And, even if it doesn’t ever return to normal.

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BJJ Class 96 – shoulder pain starting

Posted by forlogos on April 21, 2008

Class 96 was a weekend open-mat session. After stretching and warming up, I started rolling.

I started with V (was this how I named people before or am I just starting this now?), a white belt who I remember from last year. He’s bigger than me and always did the kimura. He didn’t go for the Kimura this time, but we had a good long roll (or it seemed long). I completely gassed. I don’t remember how the roll went exactly, but I think he spent a lot of time trying to pass my guard. At one point he passed, I think he mounted, and I think I reversed. Anyway, I ended up in his guard trying to pass. While trying to break his guard open by pushing down on his hips, he grabbed my right arm and started pulling (armdrag). The pull, plus my pushing down and away on his hips put pressure on my right shoulder (the bad one) and it started to hurt. I think I yelled “stop!!!” or something cause we both stopped what we were doing, then I muttered something about his pulling my arm, me pushing away, and my injury. We rolled a bit more after that, but I got too tired and had to stop.

While resting on the side, I started talking to P. P is a newish white belt (3 months or so) and we started talking about this BJJ seminar he went to. He showed me a few moves that he learned, all of which were pretty cool. One was an open guard sweep that I would like to try out while rolling and hopefully incorporate in my game. I also showed him a bicep squeeze that I learned before, as the initial set-up of the cool sweep starts out kinda alike. We rolled a bit after that and he worked on his side control. I found it kind of funny, cause I think I was able to do most of the submissions we had shown each other. I tried the cool sweep, but it really opened me up for a guard pass, which he did when I tried it. I did several subs (which I’m not adding to my tap counter), but mostly just worked on technique and trying to get the leverage right.

After all that, I did one last roll with S. S is a whitebelt with experience, though I don’t remember how much. Anyway, he really likes the triangle choke. So while trying to pass his guard, I got caught in a triangle. I was trying to escape, escape, escape, but I couldn’t. Just as I was starting to think that I should tap, he pulled out on my right arm, the one caught in the triangle, and quickly triangle-armbarred it. I tapped quickly, but not quick enough as I felt something in my right shoulder. Again.

My shoulder felt ok, but it was time to call it a day. Well, I asked him about some triangle escapes, then I called it a day.

The day after, late in the evening, I found myself in AG’s friend’s couch propped up on my right elbow. I didn’t notice at first, but it got uncomfortable for my shoulder, so I changed position and leaned on my good left shoulder instead. On the way home, I was hugging AG as we were commuting home in the subway standing up. My arms were around her, but the bumpy motion of the train and my arms being around her resulted in my arm being gently tugged every so often. I had to let go of the hug as my shoulder was aching mildy. Not good. I went to bed that night not sure what to think of it…

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tallying up the months

Posted by forlogos on February 15, 2008

Thought about this earlier today…here’s my current tally

9 months since I had a regular full-time job
8 months since my BJJ injury
5 months of physical therapy (1 month pre-op, 4 months post-op)
5 months (almost) since surgery
2 months officially unemployed
1 month snowboarding
half a month collecting unemployment

1 month until I give up job hunting and look for internships again
2 months until this term is done

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Posted by forlogos on February 14, 2008

With me out of action from BJJ, I’ve also been out of action from the blogosphere…sucks.

Anyway, some updates….

– the internship I had at the end of last year ended in December
– I’m unemployed and looking for work
– my cash stash is nearly depleted, but am glad it has lasted me 9 months (and surgery and therapy)
– my doctor gave me the go-ahead for snowboarding in the second week of January
– I’ve gone boarding four times already
– I can go back to BJJ, although I’m not strong enough to do push-ups yet
– I have very limited funds, with it being winter I’d rather put what I have in snowboarding. In the summer, I’d definitely be back on the mat ASAP
– I need a job so I can hit the mat already
– after months and months of therapy, I finally had my last session today
– I’ve regained all my range-of-motion, even motion that is usually lost after shoulder surgery. Now I have to work harder on regaining my strength
– I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for months, but you already knew that
– my snowboard instructors are under a layer of dust – can’t wait to take pix again

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Surgery pictures

Posted by forlogos on December 26, 2007

Ok, it’s been awhile since I last wrote anything and an even longer time since my surgery…

I was able to borrow my surgery pics from my doc. I took them home and scanned them in. Thought I’d share, hope you don’t get grossed out or anything.

Just to recap, here’s what was done…
-three incisions around the shoulder were made with a scalpel that each needed stitches
-the tear in my labrum (fibrous cartilage where the shoulder socket rests on and holds the bone) was cut off. The subscapularis tear was “debrided” and the bucket handle tear was “excised” with biters and shavers
-no sutures, screws, or any hardware was needed since the connections were stable
-my bursa (a fluidy sack like thing in the shoulder) was made smaller as it was hypertrophic and needed to be “excised”
-the space between my clavicle and the bone it connects to was increased (bone was shaved)
-the whole procedure was done using an arthroscope. That’s where a small camera is inserted into an incision and into your body

And here are the pix…I don’t really know what the pix are of and I’m going by memory from what my doc told me about two months ago.

First page of pictures that accompanied the surgery report

Second page of pictures.

Now closeups of each picture:

The first picture.

The second picture.

The third picture. I think this is the labral tear.

The fourth picture.

The fifth picture.

The sixth picture.

The seventh picture. I think this is an “after” pic of the labrum after it was “cleaned up”

The eighth picture.

The ninth picture.

Like I said, I don’t really know what the pictures are of, aside from the fact that they’re my surgery pics. If you know what that pictures are of, let me know, that would be awesome.

And, after some two and a half months, my arm has 99.99% range of motion. Almost there…

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Posted by forlogos on November 21, 2007

Ran into someone from BJJ the other day – I miss BJJ.

It’s been six months since I’ve been on the mat, two and half months since I last worked out (cardio, lower body), and two months since I had surgery. Recovery is going well, though I still don’t have full range of motion & strength and carrying weight or resting on my shoulder makes it hurt.

Anyway, have a happy turkey weekend!!

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still around

Posted by forlogos on October 23, 2007

I feel like I’ve been away from the blogosphere for such a long time – I feel kinda weird typing this right now.

I’m doing ok and recovering all right.

After surgery, I had a week “off”.  I was totally switched off and lost track of everything – school projects, tests, work, sunshine.  Then I had one week of getting back to normal wearing the arm sling everywhere and now I’ve been free from that sling for a while. As soon as my head started clearing up from all the Vicodin, I had to stuff my head full of knowledge again as I found myself smack in the middle of mid-terms season.

Studied for a test, wrote a few papers, and have a few more papers due soon.  Everything is just so hectic.  In addition my sister and her family are moving out of the country to go back home, so I’ve been spending as much (weekend) time with them as possible. And I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow.

I think I’ve pretty much caught up on everything that I was switched off from after the surgery.  It’s too bad that I had to have one very bad midterm test and a few lousy papers in the interim.

I feel like my last few posts have been surgery this, surgery that.  I want to stop writing about it and get past it already.  Well, after I do the few surgery-related posts I’ve been thinking about.  Then no more.

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