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Open Guard Sweep to Knee on Belly

Posted by forlogos on June 25, 2007

Back from vacation. It was nice!! Five days enjoying the small towns of Rhode Island. There was sailing (haven’t sailed in 10 years or so), laying in the beach, home-made ice cream, a hike, local beers, and lots of seafood!!

Anyway, the post below I’ve had prepared for a few weeks now… figured it’s time I published it

This is the technique learned in BJJ Class 78.

Nogi is on open guard and is grabbing onto both of Boarder’s sleeves. His feet are on Boarder’s hips and he is controlling Boarder’s arms through his knees, by spreading them apart.

Making sure that his left leg controls Boarder’s right arm and is tight, Nogi repositions his right leg so that it is across Boarder’s body and hooks it with his foot.

Nogi then swivels (or hipscapes) to the right, lets go of his right hand grip on Boarders sleeve, and grabs onto Boarders pants.

Nogi then moves to put his left knee on the mat. This move alone puts Boarder off-balance, but is not enough to sufficiently roll him. Nogi must also pull up on Boarder’s leg in a sweeping motion, not just straight up. Boarder will roll completely and Nogi simply has to use the motion to help bring himself up…

…landing on top…

…where he can fix his grips and base to get knee on belly.

An alternative/variation for this sweep would be as a pass defense. Boarder is attempting to pass. The first thing Nogi must do is prevent this, so he pulls down on the leg and repositions his body so the the pass cannot be completed.

With the pass attempt somewhat neutralized, Nogi grabs on Boarder’s sleeve with his left, and repositions his right leg so that it is across Boarder’s body.

Just as before, Nogi readjusts his body to grab Boarder’s pant leg.

Nogi drives his left knee down to mat, putting Boarder off-balance, and pulls up (in a circular motion) on the pant leg to roll Boarder…

…and land with the knee on belly position.


5 Responses to “Open Guard Sweep to Knee on Belly”

  1. This is still the most brilliant idea for conveying BJJ moves that I’ve seen, and your current episode happens to echo what I was learning yesterday, which made me really look forward to reviewing the finer points.

    But you’ve gone and wrecked the whole thing by putting Boarder and Nogi in the same pants so one can’t see whose legs are whose (not without careful intellectual calculation, anyway). It makes the whole series of pictures useless. That would be a pity if your postings were merely helpful; but given that they’re not just helpful, they’re brilliant, it’s a tragedy. (And a big waste of your time too).

    Are you running out of clothes? If you tell us what size Nogi takes, and where to get them, your grateful audience will be happy to contribute.

    Or perhaps Nogi’s pants were just in the wash and will be back next time?

  2. forlogos said

    seriously, LOL!!!

    For a while I had Nogi use the pants I got from these toy snowboards (http://www.fingerboards.com/minsnowbliss.html), but it started to rip…If you go back to some of the previous posts, you see me using masking tape to hold the pants together!! I’ve so far repaired them, so the next set of pix will have him using the black pants again

    And thanks for all your kind words, I really enjoy putting the Snowboard Instructors to BJJ use and I’m glad that whatever I post here is able to help others besides myself.

    And many thanks for that great write-up in your blog – and your ideas. Maybe one day, when I have more techniques illustrated I’ll put together an e-book or something…

  3. michelewt said

    LOL!!! cool tutorial!

  4. forlogos said

    Glad you like it!

  5. […] back, but was still way exhausted. I concentrated on staying very technical and tried to do the open guard sweep to knee on belly, which I’ve been trying to do but haven’t managed to pull off yet, and he passed my […]

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